Ministry of Health of Rwanda
On the Ministry of Health website you can find up-to-date statistics and health indicators (e.g. Demographic and Health Survey 2011 to be published online in December 2011); press releases; annual reports; health sector structure; among other information.

On Twitter I post about updates in Rwanda's health sector, my perspectives on health and human rights and how governance affects health, I also interact directly with students, journalists, patients, policymakers and citizens.
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Joint Learning Initiative on Children and AIDS
JLICA was a network of policy-makers, practitioners, community leaders, researchers, and people living with HIV that was launched in 2006 and worked for over two years to assess the vulnerability of children in an age of HIV/AIDS worldwide. It was co-chaired by Peter Bell and Dr. Agnes Binagwaho.

Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices
We need create and use tools for networking to exchange knowledge and practices at all levels of the health sector. This is key to making decisions and accelerating progress in health and development. Click on links below to see various websites that support networking and knowledge exchange in the global health community.
Global Health Delivery Online (GHDOnline)

Health is a Basic Human Right
The Government of Rwanda considers health as a basic human right, and I'm proud to serve such a government. It is in this regard that I value the Health and Human Rights Open Forum. I advise you to visit that website.
Health and Human Rights Open Forum

Educate a Woman is to Educate the Current and Next Generations
When women come together and convince people to make the world better, we all make progress. I advise you to visit the website: Disruptive Women in Health Care.
Disruptive Women in Health Care